Since lockdown began, I’ve written and recorded three shows for Gina Louise to sing.

The first has been filmed and is available on my website ( It tells the story of people’s lives from 1918 to 1939 and is called Between The Wars. Gina sings the whole story, with the choir singing songs of the period.

The second show is about the hippies and called In The Sixties. Twenty-six songs tell the story from the atom bomb and the baby-boomer births, to the Summer Of Love and beyond. Gina has recorded vocals and harmonies, with the choir sometimes joining in. In The Sixties is presently being mixed down to stereo, before being put online.

The third show, Cellini, is shorter (under 40 minutes) but more complex. It tells the life story of renaissance sculpter Benvenuto Cellini (1500 – 1571) in his own words. It is purely vocal (no accompanying instruments) and you can hear up to 26 Ginas singing in spectacular harmony (an amazing voice). It’s ready to mix down to stereo.

There is also a fourth show, called The Garden Of Love, which I’m writing at the moment.